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It has been a very slow start to the year!  As I mentioned in a previous post, almost everything I created or planned over the summer doesn't work for my students needs this year so it's back to the drawing board!  I have to say that without all of you and your ideas, my room would not be running as smoothly as it is.  Today was day 14 of school but between 3 flood days, 5 RtI meets and 2 CSE meetings, I am just starting to actually teach! Since my students haven't finished anything worth sharing yet, I figured I'd post about my favorite pinterest finds.  

My district created a writing rubric for all elementary teachers to use to score students writing.  They can score a 1, 2, 3 or 4.  Our new report cards are now done the same way - no more a's or 83's, now students are receiving a 4 (exceeds expectations), 3 (meets expectations), 2 (progressing), 1 (struggling)...anyways I found this student friendly rubric that I will definitely be making in the near future.  
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I made guided reading sticks over the summer and I plan on using them with my 5th graders.  My 3rd graders need more scaffolding.  I love these thinking clouds because they provide sentence starters for the kids.  
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My students have a hard time editing their writing.  Editing practice can be really boring and time consuming when I only have 30 minutes with the kids.  I love these editing practice pages because they cover the basic mistakes that I want my students to look for and they are quick.
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Last years state math test was almost all word problems.  Needless to say, our focus in math this year is problem solving.  My students tend to give up when given a challenging problem so any incentives to keep them motivated are welcome!  I love that this little award specifically mentions problem solving. 
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Click on the pictures to be directed to the source.  I'm off to write lessons for next week so that when I wake up tomorrow I have nothing school related to do! 

Enjoy your weekend!
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