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I just found a blog that I LOVE! 
Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes
 Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes has a ton of great math ideas and resources.  It seems like most blogs focus on ELA activities which is great but I definitely need more math activities.  She uses the best math journals.  I'm going to try to incorporate math journals similar to hers in my room this year.  As a building(s) (both buildings separately came to the same conclusion) we are going to try to do pull out grade level math groups for AIS rather than pushing into 3 different 4th grade rooms for 3 different students.  It will save time in our schedules and we all feel it will be more beneficial for the students.  2 math sessions a day is better than 1!

In other news, tomorrow is our inservice day.  There have been so many changes in NY that I will basically be in meetings discussing all of the changes all day.  Currently, I have back to back meetings from 8am-2pm (no lunch in there).  2pm-4pm will be spent eating while figuring out my schedule (I only know who 1 of my students is right now).  4pm-7pm I will be in a grad class.  After class I may stop by school again if I feel like I need to.  It's going to be a long day!  Oh did I mention that while I'm driving to school, Dave (my fiance) will be taking our little kittens to the vet to be fixed.  I'm off to do my grad school work before bed!  Goodnight! 

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