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First Day of School

We are getting a TON of rain right now.  Roads are flooding and closing, stores and residential neighborhoods are evacuating, most schools in the area had early dismissal.  My school and 2 neighboring schools stayed open. My school had the buses run to take kids home...the other schools didn't.  The last thing I heard is that they were preparing for the possibility of spending the night at school!  On the first day of school! As of right now, there are still some students left in all 3 districts.

I had to get my kittens from the Vet.  After navigating 2 road closures, I picked them up and got some food in case we get trapped at home.  I don't think there will be school tomorrow (possibly the rest of the week)....they are expecting record flooding.  

I hope your first days were less eventful than mine! 


*Update: No school's still raining like crazy.  We ran to the gas station which is just at the bottom of our development and by the time we got back the bottom of our road was filled with water.  We almost didn't get home.  My grandparents house flooded and they stayed on an upper level assuming the water wouldn't get up that high but now (at 11:30) the news is saying its going to be worse than they thought (2 feet worse).  The news is showing videos of boats going through the streets...
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  1. My goodness! That's crazy! We've been getting lots of rain, too, but it's not that bad here. I can't imagine unexpectedly spending the night at school with kids. Glad you and the kitties are home safe and sound.


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