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Just add dice Sub Tub!

Would you like a sub tub that only needs to be printed once and you can use every time you are out for years to come?

I blogged about my sub tub in the summer.  I was waiting to get to know my kids before making copies for each reading/math group. Well, I got to know my class and more than half of them are non-readers so I threw my plans out the window and decided to start again.  

I was facing multiple meetings in the same week and I didn't want to print a ton of stuff for my sub tub because paper is gold in my school.  I had the idea to fill the sub tub with review games that can be done multiple times.  

Why games?  Games are engaging which is helpful for the sub.  I don't have to make copies every year because the games are laminated.  I know my kids are working on concepts that they need to review.  The best part is after you set it up, all you have to do is add dice! (and writing paper)

I decided make a sub tub for fall, winter, and spring.  Many of the activities are the same just with different graphics to mix it up.  Some of the things change like writing prompts, writing paper, and time fillers.

Here is how I put mine together:
I added a Fall sub tub label.

A variety of math games starting with addition facts all the way up to 3 digit multiplication are included.  I printed the games I wanted for my kids and laminated them.

If I needed to add info for the sub, I just wrote it on a post it.  This one says no regrouping because this group isn't ready for that yet.

I made a labeled folder for each group I have.  Then I just tossed in the games I wanted for each group.  They have 2 or 3 each so they can choose what they want to do with the sub.

I made roll-and-respond reading sheets that can be used with any book.  For writing, I have roll-and-write a story promts, themed paper, and instructions.  Are you noticing a theme?  All you need to add is dice! 

 Finally, I have a few time filler cards that list activities a sub can do with items found around the room so there is no prep for you! 

Science and Social Studies have such a wide range of topics so here is what I do (not included in my sub tub kit but the worksheets are free and can be found on my pinterest board)
Social Studies: I threw 3 sets of scholastic news into a folder.  Each set is clipped together. 
For science, I bought the magic school bus dvd set.  You could throw in some science books you have that you don't typically use or a science weekly reader.  I give my subs the option to do science or social studies...whatever they are most comfortable with! 
I give the sub 3 graphic organzer/response options so he/she can choose how she wants the class to respond depending on the time.  I have this fact book, a bubble map, and a KWL chart.  I did a sample one for the sub to use as a guide with the students.  These can all be found for free on my sub plans pinterest board.

It did take me a little over an hour to set it up between choosing items, printing, laminating, and customizing the time filler cards but I never have to redo it.  When I leave on the last day in June, my fall sub tub is all ready to go for September :)

You can grab your fall sub tub by clicking the picture below! 

Have a great weekend!