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Behavior Management Tip

Do your students start acting up around this time of year?  The kids at my school definitely are!  Maybe it's all those indoor recess days along with 3 months of school with no breaks.  One day last week, my students came into the room bouncing off the walls so before we started morning work I told them that I would pick someone who clipped up that day to choose a prize before dismissal.  Suddenly all most of the kids were focused on doing everything they could to get clipped up.  It worked so well that I decided to do that every day.  They really needed a more immediate reward for good behavior.   The kids are better behaved and I'm actually giving out less prizes because only 1 person a day gets a prize instead of most of the class getting 1 a week.  Now I don't have to remember to give them a sticker or stamp every day and there is never a line at the prize box on Friday. 

Oh Life

This is not teaching related at all but it's something I wanted to share.  Have you heard of  It's an online private journal website.  After you sign up {it's free}, the site will send you a daily email asking you about your day.  You simply reply to the email and it is saved to your journal.  Occasionally, they will send you an old post you made.  You are the only person who can see your journal so you can write anything without judgement :)  There is so much going on at work that I can't share publicly so it's nice to have a place to "vent" privately.  Here is a picture of the it to check out the site!