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Daily Work Folders

Here's a little update since I have been MIA for a while.  It has been CRAZY as I'm sure it has been for all of you too.  I started the year with the plan of having my students working in center stations while I work with small groups.  That did not go so well...all the movement and activity in the room was over stimulating for my kids.  I talked to some coworkers and found out the the previous teacher did work folders while she worked with small groups.  I decided to try it and so far it's working!  I'm not a fan of having the kids doing a TON of worksheets all day but they needed it, at least to start the year. Hopefully soon, they will be able to use their reader's response notebooks. 
Here is how I have my work folders set up: 

The reading box has a folder for each student for each day of the week.  I load the folders for the week Friday morning (after they finished their Friday folder).  So far, I have not graded any of the work in the folders.  I staple everything together and put a smiley face on it (or have them correct mistakes first), and send it home!  In the back of the crate, I have extra hanging file folders for each reading group I see.  Lesson materials go in there.

The math folders are set up the same way. Their text books are in the back of the crate.  I taught the students to put their folders away when their work was finished.  I have them put it behind all the other folders so the next days work is always the first folder.  

In the middle, I have my writing crate.  Different types of writing paper are kept in here.  Large primary writing lines go in the red folders, small primary writing lined paper is in the yellow folders, and blue folders hold the single lined paper.  

Part of the new teacher evaluation system in my district includes a rubric which really focuses on differentiation.  These folders aren't the most exciting but it makes it really easy to differentiate for each kid.

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  1. Great organization!!!

    And to answer your question... Yep! Subtraction is in the works :) if you follow my tpt store it'll shoot you an email when they are uploaded to tpt!

    Thanks for your purchase!!


  2. I'm enjoying your blog! I'm a K-5 resource teacher as well. I've been trying to figure out a way to do small groups with a few of my classes and I like the idea of having daily work folders for kids that need practice with certain activities while I'm working with other kids.


    Resource Room Rules

  3. You've been Boo'd! Check it out...And as a treat, if you pick a product from my TPT store I'd be glad to send it to you for free :)


  4. I really like this method for organizing papers. I currently use binders for all my students, but they definitely need some more thought/organization
    Breezy Special Ed

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies! I've been so busy that I haven't had time to blog as much as I'd like...I really hope everything calms down soon!! Jessica - I'm soooo glad you are making subtraction cards :D
    Jacqui - The folders are working out really well but I think I'm going to add them to a daily checklist so students will have to do their work folder, then sight word flash cards then something else because they started getting through their work folders in about 15 minutes.
    Brie - I'll take pictures of the how I organized all my students paper work this week and do a post on it and I would love to see how you have your binders set up!



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