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Teacher Binder

*Since posting this this morning, I decided to add a bunch of covers...there are now 46 pages of covers to choose from!*

Teacher Binders are the #1 way to start organizing for next year.  EVERYONE is making one, including me.  
I can't print in color at school so I end up buying a lot of ink!  I wanted my binder to have some color but not a lot so I can print most of it at school.  I made this kit with that in mind.  Most of the pages have no color on them but I've included several ideas on how to personalize and add color to your binder.  Here is my cover: 

The entire binder is editable - just add text boxes and graphics to match your theme!  I added the cute little crab to go with my ocean/beach theme from Schoolgirl Style.  

In the pack, there are many binder covers to choose are a few: 
There are 12 different "pops" of color to choose from - pick one that fits your theme! These covers is almost identical, except I added a little "cloud" at the bottom so you can add more info about the binder.  For a teacher binder, I might add the year down there or room number.  You can also use these covers for any other binder so you could list the common core standards or the weeks of material you are covering...up to you!  

I've just added colorful chevron & colorful diagnal striped covers (9 colors each):


The third type of cover that is included has no color.  It's like my binder cover so that you have more freedom to add graphics or a lot of text.  These would also be good as section dividers. This is what's included: 

Binder spines are included for 4 different sized binders: (the Chevron print didn't look right in the spines so I went with stripes)

What binder would be complete without a calendar?!
Two versions are included...a 1 page template & a 2 page monthly template. 
I printed the two page template for myself.  The little rectangle by the month is for the year.  I didn't add dates because we don't all start school at the same time.  So for those people who start the year in January, they would have to wait for me to update the pack before they could print the entire school year.  I always color code my calendars by using flair pens.  They are amazing and every teacher I know LOVES them!  I use one color for scholastic book orders, one for parent meetings, one for CSE get the point :)

Just look at all those pretty colors!

This is an example of how I used one of the cover pages as a section divider.
Below are cute section tabs...just add text boxes and print!  To add more pops of color, print on colored paper. I attached mine with packing tape.

Since I made this binder for myself first, I included my planning and assessing tools.
(Sorry it's sideways) this is how I plan units.  When I plan, I look through my filing cabinet and pinterest to collect my resources, that way I don't forget anything!  

This helps me map out my quarters.  I don't do those crazy long range planning guides that some of you do (I wish I could, I just can't!) so this is my lazy-teacher version.  It says subject at the top, I usually end up jotting down the big topic that needs to be covered in each subject per week.  It just helps keep me on track. 

Finally, a cute lesson plan template.  It looks crooked but it's not...the frame is not a perfect rectangle.  

This class list form is how I initially keep track of grades.  Later, I have my classroom aide transfer their scores onto individual grade sheets.  When I enter report cards, I do it per kid so this makes it easier for me.  So much in my room is individualized, the kids don't all take the same assessments.  

Here is my individual grading sheet.  Two versions are included, one with 6 subjects and one with 4 subjects.  I print 4 of these per student (1 for each quarter).  This may not be for you, but I like it! 

I track IEP goals the same way.  There are 20 spots to record scores for each goal (type the goal in the long blank space).  I did 20 spots so that you can assess every other week.  It's helpful to see all of their scores on one page.  I try to only have 3-4 goals per student so usually this page printed front and back is enough.  

There is also a parent contact log included.  

I use these colorful dividers between my sections.  I keep all my positive notes home in the parent divider so they are all cut up and ready to go...this means I actually send them! 

The best part about this binder is that it's only $1.50  Right now it's 20% off.  I'm not necessarily done with this project...if you buy it and there is something else you want included, let me know.  With that being said, there is no guarantee that I can do it but I'll do my best!  Click the picture below to grab yours! 

Of course, you will also need a binder...I had a pink binder laying around that I used but I typically like to keep all the binders white to give my room a more cohesive look.  This 1 1/2 inch binder on Amazon is 77cents! (of course this price might change but it's too good of an offer not to share!)

This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. So cute! I love them! ;D
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  3. Soooo cute!!!!!
    I made a binder and used these to make it way better!

  4. Thank you for sharing these! I have been searching at Teacher Supply stores for pads of the blank "checklist" which you have as a template above! PERFECT! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful year!

  5. love this.. when I get my own class I will definitely purchase :)


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