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A glimpse inside my room

My classrooms will probably never be finished but I did recently take some updated pictures of room #1.  

My room looks over the Courtyard.  This is my small group area and library.  On my table, I have a punk bucket fill of markers, pens, and a calculator (for running records).  I also have the easel next to the table.  Under the windows, I have Fountas and Pinnell leveled baskets.  I started my baskets at level D this year and it goes to Z.

Above the leveled baskets I have my group "cubbies" and center baskets.  The white magazine files are labeled with each groups picture.  The larger baskets next to them have coordinating group pictures on them.  Those baskets hold the games that each group can play during any free time or with substitutes.

This is a quiet reading area and a bulletin board.  The kids can read anywhere they want in the room but I store the pillows here.  I put my "Later Gator" on the side of the filing cabinet.  When students need me to follow up on something (like making a new writing book etc) they can post it on the later gator.  

A few days ago, I posted about word detectives.  This is where I put my word detectives binder.  The walls by the window are magnetic and kids love to sit on the window sill to add words to the binder.  

I know my room isn't anything spectacular but I thought I'd share anyways. 


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