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At-A-Glance Sheets

I may have mentioned this before but every year after reading the IEPs I create at-a-glance sheets.  I basically summarize the IEP onto one page so I can quickly view important info at a glance.  Each year I seem to add more info to this sheet.  This year, I added the students birthday and the parents contact info.  Obviously because of confidentiality I can't show you my students sheets but I made a sample one for you to see.  It's nothing fancy but visuals are always nice!  

Click on the picture to see the full document.  I rarely look at the students actual IEP after creating these sheets  (I do read each child's IEP at the beginning of the year).  I also give these sheets to the classroom teachers after they have read the IEP.  The classroom teacher, the aide and myself sit down and go through the IEP together some time in September just to make sure everyone is on the same page.   

I hope this is something that can help you keep your student information organized too! 

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