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Lesson Planning for Math

Hi Friends!  I was using my day off to get caught up & ahead in my lesson plans so I thought I'd show you how I'm lesson planning.  I am always looking for the best way to plan.  I really like the way I've been planning for math so here it is!  Disclaimer: This is not ground breaking! 

This is my lesson template.  It's a calendar (I JUST realized that says 2013 instead of 2014..oops!)  Before I wrote any plans, I went through and set up my calendar with dates & important breaks/events.  I really like the calendar format because that is how my mind works.  

I teach 3 grade levels and have 5 different math groups (K curriculum, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd curriculums, and 1 who is too much of a mix between 2nd and 3rd to join either group) so I made a section for each math group in my binder. 
This is my divider for group 3 who is working on the regular 3rd grade curriculum.  I have 10 calendar pages that follow each groups divider page (September - June)

This is a closer look at my April plans for the group.  The first week we have state tests.  I don't teach ANYTHING on state test days.  It's too much.  Usually after testing, I have them play outside or watch movies.  Each week, I have a weekly objective(s) listed so I don't have to write it 5 times.  Then I briefly write what we are doing.  For example, April 10th we are Reading tables and bar graphs.  Materials for the lesson are on pages 305-308 in their lesson book (which is my version of their text book).  This is far less than I have ever written before and it goes so-much-faster! 

I pulled the objections & daily lesson descriptions straight from the math book I'm using.  With all of these math groups doing different things it can get completely a little overwhelming so I say if you are in a position like mine or are a new teacher - stick with the text book!  

I use the same format for my writing plans as well. 

How do you plan?  Do you use textbooks for most of your math planning?