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Monday Made It

I absolutely LOVE Monday Made It (Thanks Tara!) because even if I have done nothing all week, I always feel like I have to have something to share on Monday.  This week has not been a do-nothing week and this is what I've been doing: 

This is my Where Am I? board.  I only have 7 students (so far) but there will be times when 4 of them are in 4 different locations.  I printed out a whale for each kid and a bunch of different locations, laminated them, and stuck magnets to the back.  The Where Am I? sign covers the dry erase marker at the top.  I grabbed the pink dry erase board from Target (it's a little small though...I also need spots for adaptive P.E., nurse, bathroom...).  I plan on having 2 little baskets (or a magnetic ribbon on the wall) for Home and Bathroom.  Every morning when the kids come in, they put their whale in the classroom spot.  If they go somewhere, they move their whale.  When we have fire drills, I can quickly see where my students are (so can a substitute).  
Here are the Home and Bathroom signs.  

My next project was my Sub Binder.  You can see more pictureshere and grab your free copy here.  
 A few of the sheets included
The section dividers

Last night, I started making my lesson plan binder when I saw Kimberlee's post on Two Fulbright Hugs.  She made a free, editable teacher binder for you to download.  I made my own cover but most of my binder came from her resource.  If you haven't started yours yet, definitely go grab hers! 

My divider tabs
I would share more pictures but most of the sections can't be filled in until I have my schedule.  Once it is more complete, I will do a more detailed post and share some of the sheets I use.  

*Hopefully* next week I will post pictures of my guided math set up.  I'd rather have it set up in my classroom before sharing it here but I have to wait for some bookshelves and cabinets to be moved into my room so I can put all of this away: 

I can't wait to see what all of you have made this week!  
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  1. I just found your blog! Love your name and I am a resource teacher too but it sounds like its a bit different! I love your where are we board!
    BakingCraftingTeaching Oh My!

  2. Thanks Taylor! I'm your newest follower! I am no longer a resource teacher but I haven't updated my heading yet. In September, I'll have a self-contained classroom (2nd & 3rd grade).

  3. Thanks for sharing! I am a new follower and would love to have you visit my blog and to link up on my "Blogs of Inspiration" page.
    Happy Teaching,

    TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students

  4. Only 7 kids!!! I can have 7 away and still have a whole roomful!!! Looking forward to seeing your folder filled in...

  5. Love all the organization. I need to work on my sub binder soon!

    Success in Second Grade

  6. Your Where am I? board came out adorable! Love it!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

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  8. I LOVE your whale sub binder. It matches my ocean theme. Thanks!

  9. i love the whale!! where did u get that/how did you make it?!

  10. Your board turned out adorable!! I love it.

    Teach On.

  11. Thanks so much for visiting my blog this week! Sounds like you're having a great summer! Michelle

  12. I love your graphics! How did you make these??


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