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Summers off? Ha!

Who says teachers get summers off?  My first week of summer was spent in a workshop.  The next week was spend on Long Island taking my fiance's mom to the city for surgery and other dr's appointments (well I did get some shopping in - looove my new coach bag!).  As soon as I got back, Grad classes started.  I've been spending all my time scouring teaching blogs and pinterst for ideas, cleaning, and doing grad school work. 
Anyways, as I looked around at other teacher's blogs, I noticed they were all using these really cool fonts.  I finally figured out that they all use lettering delights.  This is another favorite website!  You really should check it out.  Sign up for an account (it's free!) and search the fonts, alphabets (colorful/picture like fonts), and graphics.  Once you purchase them they are put into you library.  You do not need to save them onto your computer!  Anytime you want to make a new heading/label or use the pictures, go to your library and click the try me now tool next to the font you want.  Type whatever you want and save that image.  Upload it into word or whatever as a picture.  I stick with alphabets and graphics because you can get free fonts all over.  I'm going to be creating some forms/labels with the fonts.  I'll upload them here for you to see when I'm done.