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Ten Pin Linky - Reading Pins

There are so many great linky parties this summer!  Today I'm linking up with Ashley for her amazing Ten Pin Linky Party!!  This weeks topic is reading pins.

Here are my top 10 reading pins (in no particular order):

Brown Bag Book Club
I love the idea of having the kids fill out a little book report & tape or glue it onto a brown bag filled with popcorn.  The kids can eat their popcorn while they discuss their books.  So cute!  (Cara did it differently so click the picture to read about the original idea)

Match pictures for my nonreaders!
I have some students who can't read or who are stuck at level A or B for years.  There are only so many level a and b books out there.  Hailey from The Autism Tank made these books.  The kids match the pictures (there is a small playground picture in a bag with the book).  

I bought this book because someone recommended it to me.  It is PERFECT for teaching predictions (for young kids).   It's super cute.  I will be reading this the first week of school for sure! 

20 famous story retelling ideas and printables - kindergarten retell literacy center
When I first read about this retell center, I fell in love!  I already started planning mine...I'll be doing it a little differently so stay tuned for my post on it later (much later). 

Book Tasting. This could be fun for the beginning of the year. Have the kids "taste" different books and fill in their reading notebook with what books they want to read that year.
This is a book tasting...about 5 books are set on a platter.  The kids browse the books then choose an appetizer.  They get a total of 3 trays (appetizer, main dish, dessert).  They fill out their order sheet of the 3 books they chose. 

Struggling Readers Take Home Book! Freebie!!!! Use with any fiction or non-fiction book to practice comprehension strategies
This is a freebie from Teaching to Inspire in 5th.  It's simple but good!  Go download it!

Small Group Guided Reading Lesson Plan Template
This is the lesson plan format I use for my reading groups.  I love how fast they are to fill out and they are customized for each level.  The amount of time this has saved me in lesson planning is unreal haha

Inference Bags-definitely doing this next year!
In these inference bags, kids put an item of their choice and then write clues about the item without giving it away.  The class needs to guess what is in each bag.  Great way to make inferences!  

Primary Possibilities: Play-Doh Fun!
I love these play-doh centers.  My kids LOVE play-doh so these are perfect.

Flashlight Friday Makes Building Stamina a Breeze
Reading with flashlights?!  What kid wouldn't love this?  

As I compiled this list, I realized that even though I look at my pin boards, I don't really take time to REALLY look...does that make sense?  I overlooked a few of these pins while looking through my reading board to find my "Top Ten" pins so thank you to Ashley who "made" me look closer :) 

*Also, My entire store will be on sale from July 4th-8th 

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  1. I really am loving this linky! I am finding so many new blogs and boards to follow, but I am also finding so many pins that I haven't come across. I love the idea of the book tasting. I might have to try to fit that in this next year.

  2. Looove the book tasting and inference bags! Great ideas.


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