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Monday Made It!

I went to my classroom last week and started to panic because there is soooo much to do still!  I don't go back until September but I'm already freaking out haha.

I'm in the middle of a ton of projects for school and my house so this is a short post! 

I saw this somewhere on pinterest (I don't think I repinned it though)
Super bad quality picture (like bad even for me!  sorry!) but this is how I'm keeping track of my reading groups.  I made a spot for 6 groups.  Each circle has a spot for the reading level of that group...I can never remember reading levels!  I have tiny clips that I wrote their numbers on so I can easily move kids in and out of groups.  I could also write their numbers on the circles.  I'll add this as a fan freebie to facebook tonight or tomorrow...make sure you "like" my page so you don't miss out!

The other thing I made was a power point for curriculum night.  We don't have curriculum night until the end of September (after school has started) but I'm always so busy then so I made it now.  It's SOO cute! (you can grab it here or by clicking on any of the pictures...if you need anything added email me!)

As always, thank you to Tara for hosting Monday Made It!  Go check out her super cute birthday jar! 

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