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4th of July Sale!

Everything in my store is on sale!  Last week, I went through and lowered some of my regular prices so the sale is on top of the already lowered prices!  
Click the picture to go to my store!

Here are some of my favorite items: 

This completely editable substitute binder saved me sooo much time last year because I felt like I had already given the substitute all of the critical info.  

I wanted my students to spend time actively engaging with a text but I had students who couldn't write to students who were writing paragraphs.  I made these activities with a wide range of abilities in mind.  

I made this when I was thinking I might be teaching 4th and 5th grade next year.  Each page reviews a concept that my special ed students typically struggled with like factors and multiples, equivalent fractions, and long division and multiplication. There is a black & white version included too.

I have my editable class rules sets up as well.  There are tons of themes available!

I know there are a lot of sales going on right now so it's the perfect time to get things ready for the start of school!

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