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Lollipop Trees and Labels

Last year, I pinned a cute lollipop tree that I HAD to make but I had a student who couldn't have any outside food so I waiting until this year to make it.  {It's not just that he couldn't have any outside food but he has Prader Willi which gives him food seeking behaviors so he had to be watched at all times to make sure he didn't eat anything.  We couldn't have any food out in the room at all.} I'm so excited that I got to make one this year!  Here's my tree with a twist: 

I used Blow Pops instead of dum dums.  Most of my students chew gum for sensory reasons so I figured why not use a lollipop with gum in it.  The only problem is that these have the twisty thing on the top so it doesn't look as polished at the dum dum ones.  These also aren't round, they are oval so there are small gaps between some of them.  
This is one of the prizes for clipping up during the day.  The other prizes are a prize box item or a coupon from the best beehavior binder.  I colored the bottom of some of the sticks with a sharpie...the kids who pick those will get to choose a second prize!  
It took 2 seconds and it adds such an element of surprise to the lollipop tree :) 
Since you never know what allergies might end up in your room, I cut out the ingredients/nutritional info and I'm storing it in the flower pot: 

This was SUPER simple to make.  I just grabbed a pot I liked, spray painted it (I primed my first because it was a glazed pot and I wanted the paint to stick), stuck one of those flower foam balls in the pot and inserted the lollipops (starting at the top). 

Onto my second project this bin labels which you can grab for free :) 
Sorry for the terrible picture, the lighting in the room was terrible and I only had my phone. 
These labels are SO.CUTE. After I got to school, I was a little annoyed that they were slightly too big for the containers so I made them all smaller for the freebie.  These containers are the 5 for $5 ones at Target.  Labeling everything helps my paras know where everything is wihtout having to ask me.  My goal is to label everything in my room haha. Click the picture below to grab your free labels!  

{Click on the Fab Freebies Tab}

As always, I'm linking up with Tara from 4th grade Frolics for Monday Made It! I'm going to go check out what everyone else is making. 
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  1. Super cute labels!!! Thanks for linking up:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I adore the labels!! I linked up with Monday Made It and I am a new follower! I love finding other special education teachers. :-) I am a resource teacher for grades 2-6.

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

  3. Thanks Tasha! I'm following you now too!


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