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Ten Pin LInky: Classroom Management

I'm linking up with Ashley again for her 10 pin linky!  This weeks topic is Classroom management.  Without further ado, here are my top 10 classroom managment pins (in random order, click the pictures to be taken to the source):

1.  I really like this reflection page for kids who go to the cool down spot.  It uses a lot of pictures which is great for all kids who are upset (the less words the better).  It also doesn't have writing lines so it's easier to use with my 1st graders and 3rd graders.  AND it would be an easy way to let parents know their child needed the cool down spot.  I guess there is a lot I like about this!

2. The Hall of Fame for the clipchart is a great idea!  It's easy to implement and it gives kids something to work for.  This is also free!  Go check it out :) 

3. I am definitely going to make a compliment jar like this for next year!

4. Lining up was an issue this year in my room becuase of one child.  To make things easier for me and the class, I am having them line up in number order every.single.time.  In order to make this fair, I will rotate the number that starts.  For example, the second week of school the class will get in line starting with #2 and #1 will be the last in line.  The following week #3 will be the line leader and so on.  I made this little clip chart for it that includes posters for lining up. 

5. I started using Smart Beads last year when I only had 2 students participating.  I will definitely being using them again!

6. To move away from the prize box, I bought the Best Behavior Catelog: 

7. Next year, I will have 6 students with autism.  That's a lot of individual schedules to set up! I plan on making schedule pages like this for each child.  When something changes, I'll cross it out and write the change.  The aides can set up the visual schedule using this. 

8. I know you have all seen this...This challenge will be introduced DAY 1!

9. I'm terrible at keeping up with newletters and when you add in 3 different grade levels, forget it.  It's never going to happen.  Instead, I'm going to have my students write a letter to their parents every Friday telling them what they learned. 

10.  Finally, I love this substitute binder.

I'm a little late with this so you can be too!  Go over and join Ashley's party!
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  1. I love the Pencil Challenge idea... I hadn't seen this! Definitely on my "to do" list for this year. :) Thanks for following. I follow you, too! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Thanks for mentioning my Take A Break station!
    I use line order, too. It sure cuts down on a lot of arguments:)

    Teaching in Progress


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