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Lining Up & Lesson Plans

This is my first official Monday of summer!!  I am so excited to have time to link up with Tara's Monday Made it again!

My class had no trouble lining up last year UNTIL we got a new student who just.couldn'  Everytime we lined up, he had an issue.  Someone got in front of him or he got in front of someone else or someone isn't lining up fast enough.  It drove me nuts!  I decided to have my kids line up in number order next year.  They will always be between the same two people and the line leader will rotate:
 The Line Leader arrow is glued on a clothes pin and gets clipped to whoever is the line leader that week.
{Click the picture to get this for your room}
Okay onto the lesson plans...
I changed my lesson plan template a lot last year because I wasn't sure how I wanted to run my room.  With multi-grade levels, I wasn't sure if I would be able to teach science/social studies whole group or if I'd have to do everything in small groups.  Next year, I'm adding a 3rd grade level!  This is the plan format I came up with (I just slightly edited the file from Ladybugs Teacher Files):

I'll have to make some changes to fit with all 3 grade levels and the schedule (I don't have the master schedule yet) but it's a start!  If you like this format, grab it for free in my store!  I have a few more freebies in the works so follow my blog so you don't miss any!
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  1. I use a similar method to lining my kids up too. You are right they will all run for the door at once if there is no organization for the lining up system. Great ideas - thanks for sharing.



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