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Classroom Rugs

This is a super short post but I had to share this with all of the chevron-obsessed teachers out there!  I was in Lowes grabbing some things for my mini bathroom makeover and I saw this rug:

Here is a better picture of the color: 
It was between $20-$30. They also had a green one at my store.

So if you're looking for a cute chevron rug, try Lowes!
4 comments on "Classroom Rugs"
  1. Been looking for a light green or lavender one!! Was the green a light green? or Kelly Green? Thanks for sharing!!

    Kimberlee @ iTeach 5th & Digital Doodle Designs

  2. It was a lime-ish color so sort of in the middle.

  3. I love Chevron! Thanks for sharing I may just have to make a visit there!

  4. I want the lime one!!! Thanks for the tip! :)

    Teach On.


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