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Sneak-a-Peek at my B2S purchases!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' to show you what I bought during my TPT back to school shopping

I bought a TON of stuff to help get me through the first few months of school!  Between grad school and a new position, I need to be as prepared as possible.

Okay so here's what I bought:

First, most of my 2nd grade social studies curriculum is communities so I bought the Bubbly Blonde's unit:
I'm pretty sure it's everything I need to cover the entire curriculum.  If you teach communities - buy this!  

I also bought her Readers Response Journals:
This is so simple and cute - I already sent my September journals out to be copied.  

Since I love her stuff so much, I also bought her Johnny Appleseed math centers.  I can't wait to introduce these in September! 

 (Not sure why this is uploading sideways...)

Next, I went over to Cara Carol's store and grabbed her back to school Mystery Messages to use as morning work the first month of school.  

I also purchased her Chevron Alphabet...Luckily, I brought the 6'4" fiance to school with me and he put up the alphabet for me :) LOVE how cute this it!  (Not the best pic...sorry!)

For my reading centers, I bought the 2nd grade Literacy menus (Sept-Nov) from Sarah of Sarah's First Grade Snippets.  I'm thinking daily 5 is going to be too much for my kids so I'm combining it with these Literacy menus.  

My students need constant review of important skills which is why I bought these two items:
The daily calendar bundle from Growing Kinders and

A graph a week from Sailing Through 1st Grade

For more math centers, I snagged Hope's Gobble It Up math activities
and from Sarah:

To help me get started with math journals I bought this place value set from Tales from a Traveling Teacher

Now I need to start printing, laminating, and cutting :) 

Link up to share what you bought too!

P.S. - After over 15 hours of work, my classroom finally looks like a classroom again!  I'll start sharing progress pictures soon.
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  1. Thanks girl for the shout outs! Hope my units are a great resource for you!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! It looks like you got some great stuff. I bought a lot of the same stuff! Have a great year!

    Sarah's First Grade Snippets


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