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Classroom Buddies & a Discount

A few days ago I posted my pictures of my shopping trip.  I told you that I had some plans for Skippyjon Jones. 

He is going to be our class buddy for lack of a better name.  Each week, a student is going to get Skippyjon.    He will stay with them throughout their school day and even go home with them one night (not Friday).  Throughout the week, the student who has him will take pictures with him, read to him, and do school work with him.  We will print out the pictures (or possibly post them to a classroom blog...I haven't decided yet) and students will write about their week with Skippyjon.  

If you like this idea or just love Skippyjon Jones, you can get a 10% discount at!  Someone from Kohl's contacted me so I could offer you this discount!  Use the code BLOGIT10 through August 23 and stack your savings with one other department specific code as well.  Thank you Kohl's! 

I made this simple journal to go along with it.  Two covers are included, one says My Week With Skippyjon Jones and one is just My Week With.  

Grab your free copy from my teachers notebook store!

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  1. What a great way to use Skippyjon! I bet your kids will love it. I was at Kohl's last night and they were *out* of the Skippyjon stuffed animal...the girl at the checkout told me they are getting a new shipment Tuesday night, so I'm definitely stopping there Wednesday after work!


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