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Christmas in August

I went to my classroom today to see if I could get in and to see if they moved the new (new to me) furniture into the room.  I've mentioned before that I'm switching positions this year and will now be a self contained classroom teacher.  The previous teacher of this room retired and I jumped at the chance to have my kids all day long.   The previous teacher was a...collector.  She knew how hard it is to get materials from the district so she anything she got, she kept...even if she didn't use it for 20 years.  So on the last day of school, her collection was moved into my classroom.  At that time, I had no bookshelves and no cabinets to store all of this stuff so I walked out in June and tried not to think about it :) 

Now, it's time to start going through everything!  Thankfully, the custodians moved 2 bookshelves and a cabinet up for me.  My cousin Ryan came with me today and we moved another cabinet upstairs (thanks Ryan!!).  He also helped me move all the furniture to where I want it (or at least where I think I want it).  We started going through the "collection" and it was like Christmas!   I didn't take pictures yet but here is some of the stuff I found (click the pictures to be taken to the product): 

She had BOTH of these!  I almost bought one ($70) to use during our morning meeting.  I was sooooooo excited when I saw these!!  

Search & Find Alphabet Bags
These are search and find alphabet bags from Lakeshore...brand new!  

I also found a TON of rigby books with cds and big books with tapes, 20 or so tubs of math manipulatives,  a ton of alphabet magnets, and 40ish phonics and math games.  

I also found some weird things like: 
Blue Poly Tarp 10' X 12'
A tarp...

...and disposable scalpels.  Why in the WORLD would I need these?

I plan on going back a few times this week (we will see) and when I'm a little further along, I'll take pictures!  

4 comments on "Christmas in August"
  1. disposable scalpels... interesting... lol

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  2. lol I need to ask the nurse why I have those...I'm a little scared to hear the answer!

  3. Slightly terrifying... But anyways.. congrats on the new position! I would jump on the chance to have my kids all day as well!!

  4. excited for your new position!!! thanks for posting about some of the things you found-the scalpel and tarp made me laugh!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher


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