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Communication Notebooks

I had a request to share how I set up my communication notebooks so here it is! 
Many teachers use composition notebooks for this but I feel like that you are left with a half empty notebook at the end of the year.  I decided to go with folders.  I bought a gray sturdy plastic folder for each of my students (and a few extras).  I printed out a cute label that has each students number in the corner.  

I found this daily progress report here (it's in the download cafe under classroom management - this one is report 2 I think) and whited out the home learning pieces (I don't plan on giving homework).  You can't read it in the picture but it has a checklist for amount of work completed, quality of work, and behavior.  I LOVE how simple it is!  I copied it double sided with lined paper so when I open the notebook the checklist is on one side, and there is paper for extra notes on the other side.

Everyday, I can quickly check off how the students day was.  I can write a short note too, like "100% on the spelling test!".  If there are any meltdowns or big problems, I would write that on the lined side soon after the incident (so it's not all left for the end of the day).  I'm also attaching a ziplock in the front for field trip or lunch money.  

I just finished setting up my teacher binders so I'll be sharing that with you soon!  Stay tuned!!
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