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Ready for break!

I am so ready for Christmas break!  Unfortunately, my first day off is Friday.  I had my plans all set for this week - a week of gingerbread activities from Erica Bohrer's unit BUT I took home all the game pieces to cut and ended up getting sick & not going to school for 2 days.  My poor students have had NO holiday activities this week and my poor substitute has to deal with hyper kids and boring assignments...I really need to get a better substitute kit made!  Between a very hectic final week of grad school and then being sick, I feel so behind.  Thankfully, all of you wonderful bloggers make units and materials to sell on Teachers Notebook or TPT that I use when I have no time to make my own materials!  Speaking of TPT, one of my favorite blogs (2nd Grade Shenanigans) is having a HUGE giveaway right now...she is giving away EVERYTHING in her TPT store....EVERYTHING!  
Head over there for your chance to win! 
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  1. Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway:) I'm a new follower:)

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