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I have been productive the past few days!    Here's what I've done so far:

 I LOVED the Lator Gator board idea.  Since I'm in 2 buildings - I made two gators!

 Burlap fish - I hot glued them instead of sewing and they are staying together :)

This is the beginning of the rocket for the hallway bulletin board at school # 2.  I'm going to paint it tomorrow. 

I've also been working on my signs for the daily objectives for each group.  They will be finished while I catch up on Gossip Girl tonight.  I bought ribbon for it already.  I updated my assessment forms.  I created 3 mini-units (visualizing, predicting, and creative writing). I did some online back to school shopping for new clothes today and I've started re-organizing my closet. 

Monday I plan on going to the teacher center to laminate the daily objective signs, the gators, and the rocket. Then I'll be off to my classrooms to start decorating :)

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