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New Behavior Plan

At the end of last year, I had a few students who did something that blew me away.  One student missed coming to my room for a dentist appointment.  The next day, he went to the library, took out the book, and read the chapter he missed before our time that afternoon.  I was shocked.  This was a boy who can't even finish a sentence without getting distracted and he took it upon himself to catch up on his work without any adult assistance!  I put a star next to his name on our "Make Good Choices" chart.  A few days later, a girl in his group was having a hard time doing her work due to another student annoying her.  Normally, her reaction would have been screaming but this time, she got up and moved to another table without causing a scene.  She too got a star next to her name.  Soon all the kids were asking how they could earn stars too.  I changed my behavior chart to include a spot for exceptional behavior.  This is similar to the clip chart but it is modified for a small group setting.  Here is what it looks like (first time trying to post documents so bear with me!):

I write their names on the chart.  Some students do not come to my room so their names do not go on the chart.  Rule-breaking earns students checks in the warnings, 5 minute, and 15 minute columns.  The number of minutes is the number of minutes the students owe me whether that is during free time or recess.  Good behavior earns stars.  Once 5 stars are earned, the students trade them in for a stripe (Stripes take up less space than stars).  I hope this gives some of you ideas!
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