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freaking out...a little

Okay, maybe a lot!  Tomorrow is my last grad class for this summer!  I haven't even been in my classrooms since June.  In building #2, I have a new classroom that I need to move into.  Fall grad school classes start Aug 29th.  School starts September 6th.  That means I have 2 weeks to get BOTH of my classrooms set up and organized before I start not 1 but 2 grad classes.  And since I will be taking 2 classes, I'd really like my lesson materials ready now too.  Thank God for!  I bought a few poster sets and a couple of mini-units/lessons a couple days ago.  I plan on saving the units for my observations.  I always want to do something extra special for observations and I usually only have a few days notice.  Normally that's fine but on top of two grad classes?  It's going to be an interesting year to say the least!  I think 2 classes might be too much for me to handle on top of teaching.  I think I may have to change my plans and push graduation to the summer instead of spring.  Just typing that makes me feel relieved!  I plan on working on classroom #1 tomorrow so hopefully I can post pictures after my grad class.

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