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Classroom Set up

I went into classroom #1 today for a short time (1 1/2 hours).  I'm lucky because in my district, the custodians draw a layout of your room and pin it to a bulletin board.  When they finish cleaning it, they put the furniture back the way you had it.  Teachers can also draw a new layout and they will follow that plan.  I didn't draw a new layout so I just moved a few things around.

I'm in a full sized classroom and last year I had 20 student desks left in my room.  In September, a bunch of teachers came and stole desks (thankfully!) and now I have about 12.  That is still way too many.  I took 2 and used them as an extention of my desk.  Another 2 I used as a computer table and another 2 desks created a listening center.  Sorry for the terrible pictures, I used my cell phone and they cut the lights in the summer so no overhead lighting!

Listening Center

Computer #1 (only 1 internet port works in each spot so the 2 computers have to be separated)

Smartboard/chalk board - I moved the desks into a U shape

I didn't do any displays yet so the room looks cold and sterile.  I did, however, decorate the door:
I don't use student names because of confidentiality and because I don't know who my students are yet!  As I continue to work, I'll post more pictures!

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