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My apologies for not updating in a while!  There has been a lot going on lately and since I didn't follow my own advice, I was short on time.  Set aside one day a week to stay late and write your plans for the following week. Once they are written, make the copies you need and stick the materials into manila folders, labeled with the days of the week. All Monday materials will go in the Monday folder etc...I personally keep these files on my desk in a step sorter. I have gotten my kids used to using these as well. On Monday, I will have the Tuesday folder on the table with the kids. At the end of the period, they can throw their unfinished work into the Tuesday folder for tomorrow. If a substitute comes in unexpectedly, your plans are done and your materials are ready to go. After a few weeks, your students will be so used to this system that they can show the sub exactly where everything is.

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