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How are you going to keep track of attendance? Some schools will require you to take it everyday (especially in the middle school and high school). If not, you should still keep track for your own purposes. My records do not always match the schools (times are off, dates are entered wrong). Mailbox magazine has a lot of helpful organizers for teachers in it. Go to your library and flip through some of them. Look for a class list to keep attendance with. I personally didn't keep up with the organizer I found. My schedule changes too quickly - I see some kids every other day etc... I now keep track in my lesson plans. I have two columns set up. In the first column I list the time, teacher, grade, classroom number, and students names that I see in that time period. In the second column, I write out my plan for the day. I simply put a check or an A next to their names everyday. If students are out frequently, I try to mark the reason. For example, if a student is continually getting lice, I mark the days the student has lice. You never know when that information is going to come in handy!
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