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Mental Health Days

I really needed a mental health day today.  Although today is more like a get-all-the-paperwork-done-without-students day.  It seems impossible to keep up with all the paperwork I have this year.  I know it's  not impossible but it sure feels that way.  I have service logs (each day I see a student I have to write down the date, time I saw them, if I was out or they were out, and what "day" it is in the 6 day cycle.  If I miss a day, I have to write down my make up times.  I have to turn these in to 3 different people...well 4 because I have 2 the end of each month.), IEP's to write, end of the year reflections, reflections for my portfolio, forms to fill out for district office, welcome letters to write for my incoming summer students, and gathering lesson ideas for the summer students.  After making that list I'm starting to feel like one day off isn't enough!  It doesn't help that I have a sore throat and I feel like I'm starting to get a sinus infection.  I'm going to go curl up and watch some HGTV for a while before I begin to tackle this daunting to-do list. 

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