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BTS Organization {Step 2}

Time is really getting away from me!  I can't believe school starts in 3 days!

Here is the second step to getting your special ed paperwork ready.
Just copy & paste the goals that are already typed on your at-a-glance sheets into these progress monitoring sheets!  Now you are all set up to track your data!

I have sheets for weekly, monthly and quarterly progress monitoring.  Personally, I prefer monthly assessments because it gives kids time to make progress and it doesn't take away from my instructional time.

This step only takes a few minutes and you will feel organized as soon as it's done!

Step 3 is to make/print any worksheets/assessment tools that you will need for the year for each child which takes a WHILE.  I will post how I am doing that once I get it done which might not be for a few weeks :) 

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