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I have been MIA again...sorry!  But I have my motivation and creativity back and I'm making things like crazy!  Here are some of the topics/products I'm currently working on that you can expect to see soon: 

1. A guide to making your own lesson plan template specifically for teachers who see small groups all day - resource room, consultant teachers, reading teachers.  (almost completed)

2. ELA IEP goals and progress monitoring tools for elementary special ed teachers. (completed just proofreading)

3. Math IEP goals and progress monitoring tools for grades elementary special ed teachers. (half done)

4. Teacher binder specific for resource room teachers. (just started)

5. Year long math problem solving units, possibly grade level specific. (not started yet)

These are all projects that I am making for myself (most of them have been on my to-do list for years) but since I'm putting in the effort to make them, I might as well share them with you! I may be making a youtube channel for product demonstrations and previews.  I always find it easier to see the whole product before buying it and that seems like the best way to do you or would you like to see a video of the product before purchasing it?  

Also let me know if there is anything you'd like to see in these products/posts, especially the teacher binder and math units!  
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