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Super Easy Math Centers!

I am so excited to have my Super Easy Math Centers done!  I love teaching math in small groups but I hate prepping tons of games for the centers.  Anyone else with me?  I keep buying these cute math centers from some of the amazing bloggers out there and I so wish that I could use them but the prep work involved is just not realistic for me...
1. Print
2. cut out the pieces
3. laminate everything
4. cut out the pieces again
5. find some storage pocket to keep all the small pieces in
6. print out recording forms
7. pray that nobody loses a piece while playing the game
8. then pack it all up and store it...somewhere! 

I typically get one or two of those steps done and the month is over.  I needed something easier to prep...something I could realistically keep up with for multiple grade levels.

Enter my Super Easy Math Centers!
All you do is print and laminate! {This is part of the Spring/Easter set}

Each activity is on one page so there is no cutting (yay!).  My kids use dice or cards to make numbers for their problems so they will get different numbers each time.  That means they will RARELY be repeating the same problems with minimal work from me :) 

The games are all the same but they are in 12 different themes that will get you through the year and then some!  This way, you wont waste time introducing new activities all the time and when you are out, you know the class has a bunch of activities they know how to do.  I tried not to over load the page with graphics to keep it easier to print for you.

Here is a sampling from the different themes I made: 

{Fall, Costume/Halloween, Thanksgiving}
{Valentines Day/Presidents, Winter, Christmas}
{St. Patrick's Day, Spring/Easter, Summer}
{Rock Star, Kid Royalty, Zoo Animals}

The colors on the graphics are vibrant, my camera and the lighting don't capture it well..sorry!

These centers cover 2nd and 3rd grade skills like comparing numbers, place value, addition and subtraction with regrouping, multiplication, rounding, fraction id, and making coin amounts.

If this is something that interests you, check it out at either of my stores:

Teachers Notebook
Teachers Pay Teachers

I'll be sharing more this week about how I set up and run each of my guided math stations :)

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