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Brain Beads

My students HATE answering questions!  It is always the same 2 or 3 students raising their hands.  Maybe it's because they got used to not being called on when they were in regular ed but now I need everyone to respond!  Enter Brain Beads!  They work like magic.  As soon as I introduced them, the kids hands started to shoot up. Basically, if you give me a relevant (not necessarily correct) answer, you get brain beads to wear for the day.  I store them in this old Target trail mix jar: 

I chose a jar with a lid because I can easily throw this in a cabinet in June and I don't have to worry about necklaces falling everywhere!  I grabbed the beads at the dollar store - $1 for 8 necklaces.  Cheap, easy, effective!

What do you use to get your students engaged?
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