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Guided Math Made Easy: Adventure at your Seat

Welcome to the next post in my Guided Math Made Easy series!

This post is all about my Adventure at your Seat station.

This is where my students practice what they learned in our small group lesson.  Most groups meet with me then go straight to this station.  My highest group will do this before coming to see me.  This station is essentially seat work.  It is the independent practice portion of the lesson.

Setting it up:
Remember when you were setting up your unit packets?  You will want to find worksheets that align with each lesson.  My math curriculum had extra practice sheets for each lesson.  Hopefully, yours does as well.  I just copy those, staple the pages together and keep them in a folder for each kid.  I hand out their packet for that lesson at the end of the lesson.  This way, if you missed a group because of a fire drill or something, their seat work is not thrown off from your lesson. 
Using it:
For the most part, you just hand the students their seat work when they leave the lesson group.  There will be days when you do not do a lesson from the book...what do the students do then?  That's really up to you!  I have given them something to sort or organize for math, given them math books to read, let them explore manipulatives related to the topic, given them those solve the math facts then color the picture sheets.  You can make a small packet of review work that they can do when they are finished early with their seat work or when you do not have seat work for them.  Having a word problem book is good extra seat work as well.

Again, post any questions, comments, and suggestions in the comment section!

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