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New Everything!

About 3 days before school started, I decided to change everything!  I always do this...I bought a bunch of stuff for my dorm room and once I had everything, I returned it all and bought different stuff.  I think I have a problem.  Anyways, I was making my schedule and realized that I had NO time for free time which I planned on building into my schedule as a daily reward.  My clip-chart was based on the free time so I had to get rid of that.  Since the clip-chart was one of 3 whale-themed things in my room at the time, I decided to throw that theme out the window too!  I had a woodland creature calendar set and an owl/tree bulletin board set so I went with more of an animal theme (you can't even really call it a theme right now).  Since I was getting rid of the whale clip-chart, I decided that I wanted something smaller that would travel to specials easily and something that was a stronger visual for the students.  
Here is what I came up with: 

I used a paint stirring stick from Lowes, stuck a strip of velcro on it, and attached the animals.  Everyday, the students will have the red, orange, green (it looks yellow but it's green) and blue animal pieces.  If they go above and beyond, they get the purple hippo added (like clipping up).  They will also get a bracelet to wear home: 
However, if they are not making good choices, they will start loosing animal cards (clipping down).  Blue and green are the warning cards, orange is no sticker, red is no sticker AND moved out of the room (to a cool down spot).  I think adding and removing the animal cards is a stronger visual for the students than just moving a clip.  
Every day they kept their orange card, they can add a sticker to a sticker chart.  After 5 stickers they can get a prize.  I will increase the number of stickers needed as we go through the year.  I have the prize coupons and all the prizes that were donated from the previous teacher. 

My prizes are stored in this SUPER CUTE treasure box I found at Walmart for $5.97: 
ECR4Kids Treasures Chest, Red
(mine is pink)

The kids are VERY curious to see what is in it...I haven't told them yet. I wasn't a fan of doing prizes but I was given a TON of them and many of my students come from low income families.  The prize box items may be the only toys they get.  

Now I need to go get everything set for next week!  Soon I'll post about all the other things I changed too :) 
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  1. We can't do any "clipping down" at our school anymore. I so wish we could because this group of kids needs it so bad! I like your system!


  2. What are you supposed to do if you can't clip down?


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