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Apologies and Differentiation

Time flies when you are having fun! It also flies when you are teaching full time, taking a crazy grad class, dealing with department of social services, managing meltdowns and doing a million other things!  Sorry for being MIA but life has been crazy!  I really love the new position though! 

Okay now onto something you can use in your room....this is not my original idea.  The girl who teaches the K-1 class started this and I copied her.  

This is my differentiated "I'm done" tree.  I have 3 different colored apples on the tree.  My students are each assigned an apple color.  It's hard to see but the three apples on the top have the students names on them.  I wrote different types of math problems on each apple, differentiated according to the level of the students.  The apples are placed on the tree problem side down so they won't pick the easiest ones :)

Sorry that this picture is sideways!  No clue how to fix that - if you know, please leave a comment sharing how!  
This is just a trial run right now.  The students seem to love it!  I plan on laminating these in the future and attaching them to a larger tree with velcro dots.  That way, I can use these over and over again.  Since September focuses on place value, the apples will have mostly place value questions (of course, I took pics of the non-place value apples! This is a pre-assessment for me too).  October will be colorful leaves and will include more addition problems.  This took about 10 minutes to put together so it is a very quick way to differentiate math problems for each student.

Enjoy your Friday :)
2 comments on "Apologies and Differentiation"
  1. Becky,

    What a cute idea!! And I love how easy it seems! I'm thinking this would be great to do something with word problems as well that will take my students a little more time! Thanks for sharing this great idea!!

    Lessons with Laughter

  2. Thank you! I loved how quick and easy this was to set up...I'm all about things that are easy to manage!


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