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Behaviors & Pete the Cat

I have such a sweet class this year!  On the first day of school we tried demonstrating how to NOT follow the rules and they literally could not do it.  I actually ended up not introducing the velcro behavior plan because the kids behaviors are more disability specific and need to be dealt with individually.  As the work is getting harder, they are having some motivation issues so I'm introducing the clip chart tomorrow.  

I feel weird waiting until week 3 to introduce it but I'm glad I did.  The other self-contained classroom teachers in my building do individual behavior plans and nothing for the whole class so I decided to get to know the kids and behaviors before introducing something and changing it a few times.   As long as they stay above orange, they get a stamp each day.  After they earn 5 stamps, they get to pick a prize! 

One problem in the room is how upset some students get over little things.  At our first assembly, students were asked to bring crayons.  One of my girls couldn't get her crayon box shut.  She started banging it on the table to try to shut it so I quietly asked her for it.  She SCREAMED "My crayon box won't shut!" so loud that everyone in the room, including the principal who was talking, stopped and looked at us.  I was mortified!  Instead of doing a social story, I decided to read Pete the Cat I Love my White Shoes and talk about just walking along and singing your song when little things happen!  Most of my kids LOVE to sing so I think they will take this literally and that's okay with me

We also made this class book to practice color words: 

I need to start taking more pictures so I have more to share with you!  Also, if you are interested in my clip chart, let me know. 

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  1. I love your blog! I am so fortunate to have found it. If you have time, maybe you could swing by and check out mine :)


  2. I love that Pete the Cat story! I have a similar student who screams/whines about the LITTLEST things. Definitely something to work on :)

    I'm a new follower! Looking forward to getting to know you and your class

    Breezy Special Ed

  3. I am so impressed with your use of Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. I work with Eric Litwin, the author of the book, and I would like to share some additional resources with you. I just subscribed to your blog. Please send me a private e-mail so that I can share some new things for your class!


  4. Where did you find this story paper/worksheet? I would love to have/ purchase a copy.

  5. Where did you find this story paper/worksheet? I would love to have/ purchase a copy.


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