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Peek at my Week(s)...

This is such a crazy time for all of us NY teachers!  We are officially on spring break today!! Our state tests start the day after we come back (thanks to whoever made that schedule!) so the last few weeks have been spent on test-prep and making packets for kids to do over the break so they don't lose everything we have done over the last 3 quarters.  I can only stand so much test prep so I split it up with some fun activities like:

Making our Hortons

Watching Ralph S. Mouse (after reading the book - this is the first movie I have shown as a teacher).  The kids were making connections to the book and comparing the book and movie without me prompting them : )

We did a little "cooking" and made Cups of Dirt

And how could I forget making fraction animals

Since it's kind of warm today, I'm going to go take a walk and enjoy the sun :) 
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  1. Hello fellow NY teacher! I am in my first yr teaching 3rd grade (I spent 4 yrs in 2nd grade) and we are also on break. Some local schools realized the problems with starting school a day before the tests, and switched their breaks to be early, but of course, not us! We started today, and don't go back until the 16th, a day before the tests! Let me just say that is overwhelming, especially with the 3rd added day for the tests!

    3rd Grade Randomness

  2. I hope you enjoy your break. I go back Monday. I got caught in a game of tag. I am tagging you. Stop by my blog for the rules. I am interested in your responses.
    Learning in Bliss


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