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Pinterest Inspired Classroom

As many of you are, I am working on getting organized this year.  I don't want to just organize though..I want everything to look cute, colorful, and clean.  To keep me focused on this goal, I thought it would be helpful to visualize what I want my room to look like/feel like.  I gathered some pictures I've found on pinterest that inspire me and I thought I'd share them with you.  Click on the pictures to be taken to the original source! 

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I love this word wall!  
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Sticking with the colorful theme, I like the rainbow of binders!

I love this desk...My desk is terrible! 

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I'd like to hang something like this over the whiteboard.

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This would be a great addition to the shelves above my desk.

I like the idea of organizing materials in binders.

This weeks prompt from Clutter Free Classroom is to share pictures of your purging.  I don't have a lot of materials so I didn't do any purging.  I figured this would be my supplementary post.  
7 comments on "Pinterest Inspired Classroom"
  1. I love these ideas---they are beautiful! I also couldn't do the post this week---I am a new teacher who may not be staying in the grade/content area/building next year so I feel like I can't purge too much either!

  2. I love how that word wall is set up! Nice and bright!! I need to put one up. I recently moved classrooms, so I have a lot of bare spots.

    Ms. Green Apple

  3. Ms. D - I am a fairly new teacher too so I really had nothing to purge!

    Brittany - I have a big empty wall in my room right now that needs something too.

  4. Beautiful ideas! I love all of the fun and bright colors. Good luck to you!!!

  5. Love those!!!! especially the word wall!

  6. Hey, that's my desk! Seeing it made me smile!! lol
    First Grade Blue Skies


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