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Organizing Plan

Today was one of the first snowy days we have had this winter!  I don't have any other pictures for this post so I figured a nice snowy day picture would be a good addition. 

I really wanted to skip this post.  I want to snap my fingers and be organized...that would be nice, wouldn't it?  Unfortunately, I don't think that is a realistic plan so here is a more realistic one:

  1. Create permanent sub plans
  2. Create a schedule for when I write plans and do them a week ahead
  3. Re-organize my assessment binders
  4. Set up my special ed binder with all the forms I need each year
  5. Buy and keep items on hand to help me keep up with the paper piles (file folders, folders, binders)
  6. Clean up the My Documents folder on my computer and back everything up onto an external hard drive
  7. Clean out my filing cabinet...I am getting rid of
    • Duplicates
    • Items that are no longer relevant to my curriculum
    • Old student work
My organization issues do not come from having an abundance of stuff in my room.  I am still a fairly new teacher and I was not given any materials from other teachers when I was hired so everything in my room, I bought.  My rooms are pretty empty honestly so I'm not doing a lot of purging.  I need to create systems for myself to help me keep up with all of my paperwork.  This plan isn't done but it's a start!  I look forward to reading what everyone else is doing! 

On an unrelated note, I am looking for some cute math/literacy units for students at a second/third grade level.      Everything I'm finding is at a 1st grade level so if you have anything or there are any Teachers notebook or TPT stores you like, let me know!  Also, I am posting a sight word freebie tomorrow so stay tuned! 

Don't forget to link up with Clutter Free Classroom with your de-cluttering/organizing plan !
2 comments on "Organizing Plan"
  1. Do you have any topics in mind that you need resources for for second grade? Or is it coming up with topics the part that you need help with?


    The Mis-Adventures of a First-Year Teacher

  2. I'm looking for some good activities/games that work on basic second and third grade ELA/Math skills. I'm trying to build my collection of games and activities for that age range so any topics are fine.


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