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Assessment Organization

I have been a terrible blogger lately!  The last two weeks have been spent writing IEP's, calling parents, writing 40 progress notes (still not done), and getting all of next weeks plans to my principal....All of this was due yesterday!  Thankfully, my principal gave me until Monday for my plans and the progress notes have a secret 5 day extension.   I was at school until 8 on Thursday trying to get everything done.  It has been a loooong week and needless to say, I didn't have much time for blogging!  

I am ALWAYS nervous to write IEP's and progress notes.  I like to make sure I have student work to back up what I am saying.  I keep almost every paper/worksheet my students do.  The only thing they take out of my room is scrap paper.  Storing all of this is a nightmare, at least for me.  I don't want to get rid of anything that I may need for documentation just in case some sort of lawsuit opens up (which happens in my district).  This is what I have been doing: 

All student work goes in a "finished work" basket.  When that fills up I bring everything home and sort it by student (as you see here).  Then I hole punch everything and put it in my assessment binder. 

I bought numbered tabs from Staples and stuck it in my binder.  Each student has a number.  I laminated the cover sheet so I could write names in a wet-erase marker and use the sheet year after year.  Last year, I just dumped all their work behind their tab...not very organized :) 

This year, I added a cover sheet under each tab with the students IEP goals.  All their work is then organized by IEP goal. 

I have progress tracking sheets for each goal...

and I keep their assessments/work behind the progress tracking sheets.

The problem is the binder gets way too full.
To cut down on the amount of loose paper, I started making assessment notebooks for each kid.  This is a math fact notebook.  Most of the time, math fact goals are assessed bi-weekly.  I printed out and numbered 20 addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division fact drills.  I spiraled them all together this year because my students needed all 4.  Next year, I will have one spiral for each operation.  I am doing the same thing with   word problems, and writing assessments.  This won't be totally up and running until next year but I am hoping it will cut down on the amount of paper I'm keeping.

I'm off to a baby shower...enjoy your weekend!
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  1. Phew!!!!! Looks like some major work!!!!! Good for you for almost finishing up!!!!

    Enjoy a relaxing weekend!


  2. I do the "dump all their work behind their tab" thing. I love how you've switched to organizing it by IEP goal! I'm going to have to try that.

    Good luck getting everything done!


  3. You are my HERO!!!!!After many years I still can't get myself that organized but you have inspired me!

  4. All of that paperwork looks familiar!! The joy of spec ed! :)

    kim @

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