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How did we ever live without pinterest?  I find so many great ideas there.  Seriously, pinterest and blogger have made me a MUCH better teacher!

Here are my latest pinterest finds:

Laminated envelopes to hold finished work...

Laminated envelopes to hold finished work, organized by assignment?  Genius!  I will be making one of these for each group I see. 

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These would be so easy to make and great for building number sense.

Easy to make flipbook - You just need to make 2 sets of consonant and blend cards and one set of vowels for the middle.  

I printed 10 of these on cardstock and laminated them then I also ran a bunch of paper copies too.  The students can write on the laminated copies over and over again.  I have the kids cut pictures or words out of newspapers and magazines (and scrap paper from the copier) and glue them to the paper copies.  They can also add their own pictures.  

I love this making words folder! 

I know I have said this before but seriously, all of the wonderful blogs out there and pinterest have made me a better teacher so thank you and keep blogging and pinning!
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  1. Becky, amen to your first sentence!!! I don't know how I ever lived without those two!!!!! So many great ideas on Pinterest and the Teaching Blog world and not ENOUGH time to make them all!!!! Can't wait for summer again!!!

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    Happy Holidays!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
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