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Classroom Jobs for the Resource Room (Freebie!)

I like the idea of having classroom jobs for students but until this week, I could not wrap my brain around how to set this up.  I have 37 students, some come to my room everyday but at different times each day, some come 3 x a week, some only come to my room on occasion (I push into their rooms usually) so how do I set up jobs?

This really bothered me my first year because our mentors gave us a bunch of new teacher books to help us set up our rooms and half of it didn't apply to my setting.  That's actually the reason I started this blog, there was no information out there as a guide for resource room teachers (or any non-traditional teachers). 

So here is my solution.  I numbered my chairs 1-5 and came up with 5 jobs.  I chose to number the chairs so that the kids wouldn't pick the tape off the table and it's not distracting.  

I wanted students to be responsible for pencils, materials, chairs, erasing the board, and a helper for odd jobs.  Rather than assigning every kid a specific job and switching them, the chair numbers assign the students the jobs.  If job #1 is the materials manager, whoever sits in chair #1 has that job for the day.  Rather than numbering my job posters, I made numbers that I can move around to avoid having students do the same job every day if they have assigned seats.
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4 comments on "Classroom Jobs for the Resource Room (Freebie!)"
  1. Great idea! I've always thought of classroom jobs as for the younger grades....but my resource room students (7th grade) loooove to help and would really enjoy this!

  2. I'm glad you find it useful! If you want me to modify anything for you let me know!

  3. Love you what you have made. Just one quick question - where did you get your frames/borders from??? Thanks

  4. I bought the frames from Print Candee:


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