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Exit Slips Freebie!

My school is on a MAJOR paper restriction.  Each teacher was giving 1 ream of paper (500 sheets) to last the rest of the year.  We are allowed to send our copies out to the BOCES print shop (those pages won't count towards our 500 sheets) but the print shop was flooded and they are operating from a remote location.  They are about 3 weeks behind.  That means that you would need to plan a month ahead to have your copies back in time.  That's just not going to happen for me.  I might have an idea of what I want to do in a month but it will probably change.  My solution to this problem is to come up with some generic worksheets that I can use for a variety of different books or topics.  I'm sending those items to BOCES so I know I will always have something in a pinch.  

On a slightly unrelated note, the principals went to a training on what to look for in lessons when observing teachers.  They bought copies for every teacher so we know what they are looking for.  They didn't pass them out yet but said we could pick up our copy if we wanted it early.  I wanted mine early.  I want to know what they will be expecting so I can be ready!  The book talks a lot about closures and assessments.  They HIGHLY recommend exit slips.  So I made a generic exit slip or ticket out to be sent off to BOCES.  Now I will always have a closure & assessment ready!  

This side of the ticket is lined for questions that require a written response.

This side of the ticket is blank for solving math problems or drawing a quick picture (Draw what you visualized while reading today). 

I printed them double sided so I didn't have two different sets.  Grab your free copy from my Teachers Notebook store by clicking the picture.  
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  1. Thanks for this! I really need to start using Exit Slips more in my classroom, it is a great little monitoring tool.


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