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Project Organization Phase 6: Substitute Info

Now that you have created an organized spot for your plans, it's time to focus on plans for a substitute.  Most classroom teachers I know use a binder.  As a substitute my favorite class to sub in was Mrs. Dunn's class.  She taught kindergarten and was well prepared for a sub.  I opened her sub binder and it walked me through her entire day.  For the morning meeting, I had basically a script to follow which showed me how she gets her students focused and the types of questions she asks them during the activities. 

As a resource room teacher, I don't feel that I need a binder explaining all of that.  A folder works well for me.  I chose a purple folder for my sub folder.  It's the only folder in my room that's purple.  I keep it on my desk and it's clearly labeled as my sub folder.  I used double sided tape to add the most important information on the cover of the folder (behavior plan, class rules, location of materials, who to talk to for help).  Inside there is a map of the school with important locations marked, a 1 page summary of what to do in an emergency, How was your day sheets and what to do if there are no plans. 

My emergency sub plans are simple and never have to be updated and here they are: Please follow the schedule on my desk for the correct day of the cycle (1-6) and push into the classroom.  Assist the classroom teachers with their lessons and students with their independent work.  DONE!

Sometimes it's nice to not have a class :)

If you are struggling with what to put in your sub folder, google it!  There are a ton of examples online like this one:
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