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Project Organization Phase 7: Future Work

This is an area I struggled with.  If you are like me, as you teach a lesson you see a skill that your students REALLY lack.  You copy some worksheets to help build that skill along with 100 other things and it all lands on your desk.  The piles begin again!  This is my biggest downfall with organization.  It took a while but I think I've figured it out. 

In a previous post I mentioned that I had chosen permanent group names that my students can vote on.  In a crate, I have 2  hanging file folders for each group.  They are labeled with the group name and picture.  I like the permanent group names so I can use my tabs every year. The first set is for work that I'm going to do next with the group.  The second set is for work I'm planning for further in the future.  When I come back from the copy room, I can quickly drop my piles into the correct files - No Piles!  I've seen many teachers do this for every day of the month.  Each file is 1 day of the month.  My students usually work on the same thing for several days so I feel that's unnecessary.  Obviously, every teacher is different so modify this so it fits you and your style.

I started this project by buying pink file folders (<3 pink!).  Then I started printing out little pictures and writing the group names but I didn't like the way the white paper was showing behind the picture.  I remembered I had clear address labels.  Clear labels are AMAZING for this project because there is no white background and I can neatly type all the group names.  It looks so much more professional.  Had I not used clear labels, I would have laminated the folders because the pictures would fall off.  The clear labels allowed me to make the folders in about 20 minutes and use them right away.  That's great because if I can't do a project in 1 sitting, it's going to be put off. 

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