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When I was in college, I was so excited about making bulletin boards.  I like scrapbooking and being creative so decorating a classroom should be simple, right?  Now that I'm in the classroom, I have to say bulletin boards are a huge pain!  If you make them seasonal, they need to be changed frequently.  Punching out titles takes FOREVER.  I never have ideas that tie into what I'm teaching at the time.  I suggest you spend 20 minutes or so looking through bulletin board pictures online.  Save any that look remotely interesting to you.  I've found a few that I really like that can be left up all year round.  I have also found some that don't point out the fact that my students aren't on the same level as their classmates.  In August, put up bulletin boards that can stay up all year long if needed.  If you get the urge and time to change them, go ahead but it won't be something that hangs over you head.  Here are a few pictures of my boards:

Genre Study board - Students write the titles and authors of books that fit each genre on a post-it and stick it under the correct poster.

Literacy Cafe Board - The half post-it note marks our current focus.
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