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I have several different types of groups that I see daily.  Some math, some ela, pushing in to classrooms and pulling kids out.  I have finally created a way to keep notes for all different types of groups that I like and can manage.  I have a clipboard for each group (9 total).  Each clipboard is loaded with the type of record form I want to use.  My math record forms have a spot for a general idea of the lesson (equivalent fractions), a list of students names (up to 10 students), and then a spot to check Mastered, Progressing, or Needs Reteaching for each student.  On the bottom it also has a spot for general notes and follow up.  3 of these fit on 1 page.  This makes it easy for me to walk into a room, jot down the lesson topic and quickly see who has it and who needs help.  I can also keep track of specific notes I wanted to write and anything I may need to do to follow up.  When it comes time to do progress notes, I have a list of what we did and who understood what.  For reading groups I'm using the CAFE reading conference notes.  It has a spot for the book, level, what I observed as well as the concept we talked about and the next steps to meet that goal.  Each student has their own page (not as easy to manage) but each page has a spot for 6 notes.  All my clipboards are kept in a basket next to my desk.  Before I leave to go to a classroom, I grab that groups clipboard and I'm all set. 
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